From the captain’s log book…


Voda Shipping, which sails towards the oceans with a vision of continuous development, effectiveness and efficiency, was founded in 2010 by Attorney Fatih YILDIZ and Yavuz YILDIZ. The Company provides service with the values of transparency, honesty, reliability and professionalism since the first day it was founded. Voda Shipping provides ship management and dry cargo and dry bulk shipping services with its Professional team to companies in the marine sector which seek for Professional solutions.


Thanks to its professional practices and the higher standards it has defined the Company was able to establish a prestigious place in the sector within a short period of time. As a result of the vast managerial and operational knowledge it has built over its experiences Voda Shipping is growing its business volume day by day. Voda Shipping proceeds on its way with its fleet of young and modern ships of suitable tonnage and types which are in full compliance with contemporary standards.

Vision without action is a dream and action without a vision is a nightmare.


This is why Voda Shipping’s vision is to become the World’s best company in the marine sector and to realize this very vision Voda Shipping takes action by continuously developing itself and performing marine management and transportation with its ships all of which are in compliance with international standards and are of suitable tonnage and type.


In line with this vision Voda Shipping ensures customer satisfaction, pursues quality management in accordance with the related standards, principles and national and international rules in order to maintain customer satisfaction, creates added value for its customers, stakeholders, employees, the society and the environment as its mission.

 We owe our success to our values…


Continuous development and growth, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, honesty, reliability and professionalism are the prerequisites of our services.


Our purpose is to provide service with young ships which are in compliance with international industrial standards in terms of security of life, property and of environment and to ensure customer satisfaction through these services.


We dedicate ourselves to create added values for our customers, stakeholders, employees, to the society and the environment. Our purpose is to proceed full speed ahead for them.